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About this Logos and Game Arts design course:

Figure out how To Design Logos And Game Art Using Inkscape Become A Designer. FREE Inkscape. 

By the numbers 

Expertise level: Beginner Level

Understudies: 13989 

Dialects: English 

Subtitles: No 

Talks: 12 

Video: 1 all out hour 


Become familiar with the essential ideas, devices, and capacities that you should construct completely practical Logos and Game Art with the well known Inkscape vector craftsmanship apparatus. 

Any individual who might want to get familiar with the Inkscape vector realistic supervisor, whether for benefit or fun, would be an ideal possibility for this course. 

Manufacture a solid establishment in Designing Art with this instructional exercise for novices. 

Here, you will get familiar with the essentials of Inkscape by tracking with and finishing undertakings all through this course. We will make stunning logos and game workmanship. 

Inkscape is free, simple to learn, has superb documentation, and is the base for making proficient Logos and Game Art absent a lot of exertion. 

Substance and Overview 

We will initially get familiar with the fundamental devices, and see how Inkscape functions. 

Beginning with downloading and introducing Inkscape, this course will take you through different Inkscape highlights and how to utilize them. By making Logos and Game Art, you'll build up a solid comprehension of Logo Design and Game Art creation measure. 

Understudies finishing the course will have the information to plan lovely logos and Game Art in minutes. 

Toward the end of the course you will receive 150+ Game art including Game Background, Isometric Characters, Game GUI and significantly more. 

What you'll realize in this free course:

Make Any Logo 

Make Game Background and Isometric craftsmanship 

Make A Logo From A Reference Quickly 

Fulfill Clients With Quality Arts 

Are there any course necessities or essentials? 

No past experience is expected of any planning programming 

Who this course is for: 

Any individual Who needs to gain proficiency with another ability is qualified to take this course. In the event that somebody has never accomplished any planning work in their life, they will likewise have the option to take this courses without any problem. 

Content of this course:

Section 1: Introduction to Inkscape

1. Introduction to Inkscape

Section 2: Introduction to Inkscape Menus and Tools

2. Introduction to Menus

3. Getting Familiar with Inkscape Part 1

4. Getting Familiar with Inkscape Part 2

Quiz 1: Quiz 1

Section 3: Creating Dell Logo

5. Create Dell Logo

Section 4: Creating GitHub Logo

6. Create GitHub Logo

Section 5: Creating Instagram Logo

Section 6: Creating LinkedIn Logo

8. Create LinkedIn Logo

Section 7: Creating WhatsApp Logo

9. Create WhatsApp Logo

Section 8: Creating Game Background

10. Create Game Background

Section 9: Creating Isometric Art

11. Create Isometric art

Section 10: Bonus Lecture

12. Get Free Art for your future projects

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Teacher of this free online course: 

Swapnil Rane 

Game Developer, Game Art Designer 

Hello there! I am Swapnil. I am self-taught Programmer with more than 3 years of experience. I am likewise a Game Developer and Game Artist. I have been creating games for over 2 years. 

I have made many game resources and distributed them on Unity Asset Store by name MadFireOn. 

I have Bachelor Of Engineering in Much. I got my beginning in programming when I was 20 years old. Games consistently interested thus I became game developer. I need to share the information I have with all other energetic engineers and craftsman. 

So guys lets educate and gain from one another and be energetic.


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