Front-End Web Development Free Course


Front-End Web Development Free Course
Front-End Web Development Free Course

About this course Front-End Web Development Free Course:

Enroll this Front-End Web Development and get familiar with the aptitudes to rapidly begin a profession in Front-End Development today! 

By the numbers 

Expertise level: Beginner Level 

Understudies: 113884 

Dialects: English 

Subtitles: Yes 

Talks: 133 

Video: 21 all out hours 

Description of this Front-End Web Development Course:

A pleasant solicitation 

Please watch the introduction video BEFORE joining the Front-End Web Development course; If you don't care for what you see (or my intonation at the hour of recording) please DO NOT enroll. I've seen numerous individuals selecting (since, you know, it's FREE) and afterward leaving negative scores since they didn't extravagant the complement of the teacher or on the grounds that the course was “too basic” (even however it's essentially composed wherever that this is an establishment course for outright novices). 

Along these lines, don't be that fellow/girl, and join just in the event that you accept this Front-End Web Development course is appropriate for you. On the off chance that you don't care for how the Front-End Web Development free course is organized or its substance please do not spare a moment to leave a negative score however in doing so include a remark clarifying your reasons; This will support the educator. A negative score with no remark or input isn't helpful to anybody and inconvenient to other possible understudies. 

This free Front-End Web Development course was made in 2015 and, aside from a couple of changes in 2016 it hasn't seen further updates (that is one reason why it's presently offered for nothing). In this way, you won't discover things like CSS Flex box/Grid here. However, its substance is still excessively pertinent these days and important in building a strong establishment in Front-End Development. No matter what most recent innovation you need to learn, you need the essentials first and this is exactly what this course is for! 

 What is this Front-End Web Development course about? 

Front End Development is a trending job, connecting with, generously compensated and loaded with difficulties and miracles. 

This free online Front-End Web Development course will show you the aptitudes to launch a vocation in Front End Development, expecting no past information on any of the points introduced. 

NOTE: fundamental information on the most proficient method to utilize your PC and run programs is expected. 

This Front-End Web Development course is tied in with helping you to change your vocation way (or making another one) and get the essential aptitudes to bounce into the employment market as quickly as time permits. 

Are you burnt out on courses showing you aptitudes that you can only with significant effort convert into a compensation ? Assuming this is the case, this is the course for you. 

Front End Development is a region of Web Development that incorporates the entirety of the abilities needed to make the visual and intelligent aspect of a Website. It's a perplexing blend of abilities and advancements and one of the most quickly developing and generously compensated IT areas existing apart from everything else. 

A Front End Developer is the connection between the visual architect, answerable for making the visual plan of a Web Application and the Backend Developer liable for making the computational rationale behind the application. The Front End Developer rejuvenates the application making rich, convincing encounters and permitting the client to interface with the information behind the application. 

This comprehensive free course is focused on understudies with no past involvement in Web Development or programming by any means; 

The Front-End Web Development course was recorded on a Mac OSX machine; You can at present profit by this course in case you're utilizing Windows yet you are needed to have fundamental information on the best way to utilize the Windows Explorer and make envelopes and documents with it. You can without much of a stretch abstain from utilizing the Windows order brief (in the extremely uncommon recordings that utilization the Terminal) and rather do what the video shows simply utilizing your Windows Explorer (it's generally making organizers and documents).

What will I realize taking this free online Front-End Web Development course? 

We'll address all the fundamental themes that structure the tool belt of an expert Front End Developer: 

Semantic HTML 


Responsive Web Development 

JavaScript, Ajax and a scramble of jQuery 


The specialty of Unit Testing (atta boys during an Interview!) 

We'll learn by doing, building ventures and including functionalities after some time, as our insight extends. 

 What will I get from this Front-End Web Development course? 

Before the finish of the course, you'll have all the instruments and viable information important to manufacture outwardly rich Single page Web applications, attempt your karma with prospective employee meet-ups and launch your vocation as a Front End Developer! 

What you'll learn in this free Front-End Web Development course: 

Before the finish of the course, you'll have all the devices and pragmatic information important to manufacture outwardly rich Single page Web applications, attempt your karma with prospective employee meetings and launch your profession as a Front End Developer! 

After finishing, you'll have addressed the exhaustive educational plan of a Junior Front End Developer. Attempt your karma, going after positions, getting criticisms and enhancing the strong establishments worked during this Front-End Web Development course! 

With the strong establishments gained in this Front-End Web Development course, it will be a lot of route simplers to move toward web articles and assets on Front End Development, outfitted with the important foundation and dialect to make the most out of them, adapt viably and rapidly. 

With the nuts and bolts information far removed, anything is possible for you! Develop the fundamental information gained and represent considerable authority in additional specialties (AngularJS, Embers, Gaming, Full Stack Development). 

Are there any Front-End Web Development course necessities or essentials? 

This free Front-end development course accepts no past information on any point. Each point will be drawn closer without any preparation. 

Toward the finish of the free Front-end development course the understudy will have all the essential establishments for moving toward the employment market as a Junior Front End Developer. Besides, the fundamental information procured will make a lot simpler to gain proficiency with extra subjects and expand on the head of what have been realized up until now 

Whom this free Front-end development course is for: 

This free Front-end development course ought to be taken by anybody keen on learning the ropes for turning into a Front End Developer, a standout amongst other moving and energizing territories of Web Development right now 

This free Front-end development course ought Not be taken by individuals intrigued by Server Side Development (PHP, Java, Databases.). This course centers around all the advances identified with the Web program climate (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Frameworks/Testing) 

Content of this Front-End Web Development Free Course:

Section 1: Introduction

1. Before starting! please read me.

2. Welcome and overview of the technologies we'll deal with

3. Chrome, the browser we'll use during this course

4. Development tools: the Editor

5. Installing Sublime Text 3 (Mac)

6. Installing Sublime Text 3 (Windows)

7. Installing Sublime Text 3 (Linux)

8. Advanced Topic: Running Sublime from the command line (Mac OSX)

9. Advanced Topic: Sublime: Adding support for external plugins

: HTML Foundations

10. Prologue: how a webserver works

11. What is HTML

12. Structure of a HTML page

13. Structure of a HTML tag

Quiz 1: HTML and Tags: got it ?

14. Let's start coding! our first html file!!

15. Let's move it to the cloud with jsBin!

16. The Html page, the Head and the Body

17. Page Title, Headers and paragraphs

18. Div and Span, block and inline elements

19. Quick recap and an introduction to the DOM

Quiz 2: Inline and Block level Elements

Section 3: Semantic HTML

20. More semantic tags: section, article, header and footer

21. Navigating relationships with the anchor tag

22. Form tags

23. Form tags - continued

24. Presenting a list of elements: the list tags

25. Working with tabular data

26. Displaying Images

27. More semantic with Nav and Aside

28. HTML Workshop: mini website

Quiz 3: Semantic tags

Section 4: CSS

29. What is CSS

30. Inline, internal or external styles

31. CSS properties and measures

32. The ID and Class attributes

33. Id and class selectors

34. The element selector

35. The attribute selector

36. Why do we need more selectors ?

37. Relationship selectors

38. Pseudo-class selectors

39. The specificity rule

40. Tree proximity ignorance

41. An !important exception to the rule

42. Text and Font properties

43. Color properties

44. A note on inheritance

45. Element boundaries: borders, margins, padding and corners

46. The CSS Box Model

47. How inline and block level elements deal with dimensions

48. CSS Box positioning

49. Quick recap on box positioning

50. Floating elements

51. Clearing floats

52. Quick recap on floating and clearing

Section 5: HTML and CSS Workshop: From a PSD to HTML/CSS!

53. Resources for this section

54. Start and custom Fonts

55. Header

56. Header (part 2)

57. Footer

58. Main visual

59. Claims

60. Portfolio

61. Addendum: Fixing errata in Porfolio lecture

62. A few final touches

Section 6: Javascript quickstart

63. A programming language for the Web

64. A note about Javascript and HTML rendering in the browser

65. Our first running code

66. Variables: a place to put things in

67. Variable declaration and value

68. Basic data types and operators

69. The type of a variable

70. Functions

71. Functions in practice

72. Library and API

73. The Return statement

74. Variable scope

75. Let's talk about Objects

76. The Object context

77. Assignments by value or reference

78. Another way to create an Object (or to skin a cat)

79. The function Prototype

80. The function Prototype workshop

81. Strings.. revisited

82. Function Callbacks

83. Arrays and implicit iteration

84. Conditional statements

85. Explicit iteration with the for loop

Section 7: The browser environment: the DOM

86. Javascript and the DOM

87. Let's create some HTML using Javascript!

88. DOM Events

89. DOM Event handling exercise (part 1)

90. DOM Event handling exercise (part 2)

91. There's room for improvement

Section 8: jQuery quickstart

92. jQuery primer

93. Using jQuery - browser events

94. Using jQuery - the DOM

95. Quick recap


97. Ajax primer

98. Same Origin Policy

99. A note about the next lecture

100. Update 2016: Recent changes in Chrome Security Policy

101. Ajax workshop (part 1)

102. Ajax workshop (part 2)

103. Ajax workshop (part 3)

Section 9: Advanced Javascript: Backbone.js

104. Introducing Backbone.js

105. Backbone.Model

106. Quick recap on Backbone.Model

107. Backbone.Collection

108. Backbone.View

109. Backbone.View and UI events

110. Backbone.Router

Section 10: BackboneJS Workshop: Foogle play store

111. Project briefing

112. Markup and style - the header

113. Markup and style - the sidebar

114. Markup and style - books list

115. Markup and style - book detail

116. Coding the router

117. Coding the books list (part 1)

118. Coding the books list (part 2)

119. Coding the books list (part 3)

120. Coding the book detail

121. Book detail - Debugging edge case scenarios (zip)

122. Underscore templating

Section 11: Responsive Web Development

123. Introduction to Responsive Web Development

124. Responsive books and categories

125. Refactoring the cateogories panel

126. Responsive book detail

Section 12: Introduction to testing

127. Introduction to Unit Testing

128. Mocha installation and setup

129. Testing the Model

130. Testing the View - initialization

131. Testing the View - rendering

132. Testing the Router

Section 13: Epilogue

133. Closing thoughts

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Teacher of this free Front-end development course:

Davide Molin 

Full stack Software Developer 

Davide has been energetic about Art, Technology, PCs and all tech stuff since he was a child. 

He is self-mastered programming in C and found his first employment in the nineties, at that point C++, Object-Oriented Programming and afterward Java and Web Application advancement in 1999. In 2005, he became hopelessly enamored with JavaScript and Ajax and in 2009 he exchanged totally to Front End Development full time. 

He's been filling in as a full time designer since 1995, working for organizations like Electronic Arts, Mind Candy, Beamly, SAP and worldwide consultancies in various Countries. 

He's a firm believer that everything can be scholarly, if submitting sufficient opportunity and energy into it. 

He frequently appreciates reminding individuals that you can turn into a fruitful engineer even without a foundation in math (he doesn't have one, nor a certificate, having contemplated advertising). 

He immovably accepts that passion and practice are key elements in turning into a fruitful Web Developer. 

He's presently offering Front End Development consultancy administrations in London and internet preparing. 

At the point when he's not working, playing or napping before his Mac, you can discover him appreciating the organization of his exquisite spouse, perusing SCIFI books, playing with his #1 Flight Simulator (X-Plane!) and perusing/rehearsing TaiChi/QiGong.

So enroll this free Front-end development course and grow your Career.


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