Free Basic Digital Marketing Online Course

Free Basic Digital Marketing Online Course

   Free Basic Digital Marketing Online Course 

About this free Digital Marketing course: 

Learn basic free Digital Marketing Tools, Fundamental of Digital Marketing and Leverage Your Growth Grow your Career in Digital Marketing Industry and earn lot of money.

By the numbers 

Aptitude level: Beginner Level 

Understudies: 14449 

Dialects: English 

Inscriptions: Yes 

Talks: 43 

Video Duration: 3.5 complete hours 

Description of this free Digital Marketing course:

Look at my Free Basic Digital Marketing course for people, experts, students and entrepreneurs to develop with the assistance of advanced devices. Begin to become familiar with the nuts and bolts and find the conceivable outcomes of computerized world. You may be asking Why have I made this basic Digital Marketing course for FREE? as unquestionably I accept that watching recordings and learning shouldn't cost any cash yet with regards to individual preparing it really does make a difference. So that is this free Digital Marketing course is for FREE. Learning advanced advertising isn't the paid issue it is frequently the useful work, so I have made the recordings arrangement in such a manner it give the total thought on how computerized promoting starts and how it pushes ahead for better showcasing experience for shoppers. 

What you'll realize in this Basic Digital Marketing course:

Fundamental of Digital Marketing Tools 

Creating Online Goals 

Taking Business Online 

Understanding Digital World 

Are there any course necessities or requirements? 


Working Professionals 



Who this course is for: 

Understudies and anyone who are thinking to find a new line of work in Digital Marketing Field or Industry.

Working experts who need to Add-On the better accreditation for their proffesional resume. 

Consultants who need to begin Digital Marketing works. 

Housewife's who need to begin their own Freelancing work 

Entrepreneurs who need to develop their business exponentially with Digital Marketing apparatuses. 

Content of this Basic Digital Marketing Course:

Area 1: Introduction 

1. Prologue To Free Basic Digital Marketing Course. 

2. Online Opportunities For Us. 

3. Online Opportunities For Our Business. 

Segment 2: Base Steps For Online 

4. Making Our Online Goals. 

5. Building Our Online Presence. 

6. Start With Marketing Our Online Presence. 

7. Breaking down and Adapting To Our Online Presence. 

Area 3: Let Us Start Building Our Online Presence 

8. Pick Your Online Presence. 

9. Become acquainted with How Websites Work. 

10. What Are The Key Website Ingredients. 

11. Associating Our Website To Business Goals. 

12. Site User Interface — Making Easy To Use. 

13. Do's and Don'ts For Website. 

Segment 4: Planning Our Online Strategy 

14. Cons Of Online Strategy. 

15. Strides To Take Business Online. 

16. Understanding Customer Behavior. 

17. Stand Apart from Competition. 

18. Improving Business Performance With The Help Of Our Business Goals. 

Area 5: Getting Started With Search Engines 

19. Understanding Search Engine Basics. 

20. How Do Search Engines Work. 

21. What Is Organic SEO? 

22. How Search Engines See The Web? 

23. What Are Paid Search Results. 

24. Google Search Console. 

Area 6: Get Discovered From Search 

25. Prologue To SEO. 

26. Search engine optimization Planning. 

27. Search engine optimization Process. 

28. Picking The Keywords. 

29. Defining Realistic Goals. 

30. Making Our Websites Search Friendly. 

Area 7: Getting Noticed With Search Engine Advertisements 

31. Prologue To Search Engine Marketing. 

32. How Search Engine Marketing Works. 

Area 8: Getting Noticed Locally 

33. Get Found Locally. 

34. Intensity Of Local Directories. 

Area 9: Get Noticed With Social Media 

35. Significance Of Social Media. 

36. Content On Social Media. 

Area 10: Discovering The Possibilities Of Mobile Phones and Content Marketing 

37. Advancement and Effects Of Mobile Phones. 

38. Prologue To Content Marketing. 

39. Examination Of Content Marketing. 

Area 11: Reaching More Customers With Advertising and Targeting International Markets 

40. Significance Of Email Marketing. 

41. Intensity Of Display and Video Marketing. 

42. Focusing on International Markets. 

Area 12: End Of The Course 

43. Much obliged to You.

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Teacher of this free Digital Marketing course: 

Anish Kokani 

Advanced Marketing | Influencer | Trainer | Consultant 


I am Anish Kokani an Enthusiast Digital Entrepreneur. 

I show advanced showcasing and even offer conference to organizations to assist them with developing with computerized devices. 

Those were the days when Marketing was tied in with contacting individuals with the assistance of Mass Media however today there is a totally different idea of connecting individuals with reason and worth which gives them the fulfillment. 

It is tied in with associating with individuals and helping their issues with your items. You can't simply ask advise to your client saying " I have made ABC item and will you get it? " 

3 brilliant standards of selling is you have to tell – 

Why have you made this item? 

How could you make this? 

What is the item about? 

And afterward ask them will you get one. I am exceptionally certain that individuals will in general purchase regardless of whether it is the superior item. Learn this basic free Digital Marketing course and grow your Career.

Good health 

Best of Luck


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