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About this course free Enhance Video Quality course:

Would you like to improve your video quality if yes! Then enroll enhance video quality free course. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Figure out l in this free video quality improve course how to perceive high sound and video quality in an easy and quick way.

By the numbers 

Expertise level: Beginner Level 

Understudies: 896840 

Dialects: English 

Subtitles: Yes 

Talks: 20 

Video: 33 all out minutes 

Description of this free video quality improve course:

We ramble about “top-notch recordings” here at Udemy, however do you know what “high quality” actually means? In this free course we'll go over what an incredible video looks and seems like so you're communicating in precisely the same language as the Udemy Review Team. You'll realize what great (and awful!) sound and video look like and you'll also learn how to really distinguish explicit issues with the goal that you can analyze and fix your own recordings. 

In this official, Udemy-produced course you'll become familiar with the aptitudes and language you'll have to ensure your course is as well as can be expected be. Regardless of whether you're an accomplished videographer or a video novice, this course will guarantee that you see how recordings on Udemy should look and sound. 

We'll turn out the entirety of the points that go into perceiving incredible recordings: 

Recognizing (and fixing) normal sound issues 

Recognizing (and fixing) regular video issues 

Giving and getting video input 

This course is essential for the “Filming” track of Udemy's Official Instructor Education Program and is energetically suggested for all Udemy educators — new and experienced the same. In every one of our official courses we endeavor to convey data pressed talks that rapidly give you the data you have to make your course creation measure simple and your last item astonishing. We incorporate loads of models, just as training exercises to ensure you're rehearsing your new abilities. 

Before the finish of this course you'll have realized precisely what recordings on Udemy should look and seems like, and you'll have learned significant aptitudes to consummate your own videos. Let's begin! 

What you'll realize in this free Improve Video Quality course:

Distinguish basic sound and video issues 

Perceive an excellent video 

Give input on video quality to different teachers 

Communicate in a similar language with regard to sound and video 

Are there any course necessities or requirements? 

There are no earlier necessities to taking this course. This course is the establishment for all educators. 

We will suggest some paid materials in this course. The entirety of the materials are discretionary dependent on your inclinations. 

Who this course is for: 

Teachers who are anticipating making an Udemy course 

Content of this course:

Section 1: Welcome to the course

1. Course overview

2. Introduction

Section 2: What is good audio quality?

3. Common issues with audio quality

4. Activity: Can you recognize good audio quality?

Section 3: What is good video quality?

5. High quality videos

6. Common issues with video quality

7. Activity: Can you recognize problems with your videos?

Section 4: Applying what you learned

8. Apply your skills

9. Activity: Feedback for Elliot

10. Bonus Activity: Give feedback in the Udemy Studio

11. Bonus Activity: How is your production quality?

Section 5: Finding your video personality

12. What video personality will you choose?

13. Personality Example #1

14. Personality Example # 2

15. Personality Example # 4

16. Personality Example # 3

17. Personality Example # 5

18. Personality Example #6

Section 6: Conclusion

19. You're finished!

20. Bonus lecture: Teaser — Move on to our course on “Filming your Videos”


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